November 8th is the 40th Anniversary of Harvey Milk’s historic 1977 election as California’s first openly gay elected official. That night Milk returned to the Castro where he received a “tumultuous and moving welcome” home.

This November 8th, people will gather again at the famed intersection of Castro and Market streets to honor the life and legacy of Harvey Milk and reaffirm our commitment to equality for all.

In addition to speakers and performers, the 100% peaceful and positive gathering will feature the grand lighting of two signature works of public art.

We invite you to honor Harvey Milk’s life and legacy by helping fund the cost of installing the artwork.

HARVEY’S HALO raises a colorful beacon of equality into the sky above Harvey Milk Plaza for seven nights over two weekends.

HOPE WILL NEVER BE SILENT immortalizes Milk’s words in neon over Harvey Milk Plaza as a permanent greeting to all those who call Castro home, be they San Francisco residents or not.

We also invite you to find your way to the hallowed ground of Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco on the evening of November 8 to stand united, once again, in the name of equality.



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